Hello readers, I am Subao, and welcome to I am a Network Specialist, based in the USA. For those who do not know much about Network Specialists, a Network Specialist is a person who provides technical and security advice to solve any technical error or to upgrade your security in any of your devices starting from your computer to your Wi-Fi router!

Why I Started 19216811.works

I have worked with many companies as a Network Specialist in the US. But, I couldn’t reach out to those people who were facing issues with their devices and were unable to contact me!

Thus, to guide all those people and to protect them from getting trapped in any kind of issue regarding IP addresses and wireless devices, I established my own website.

I think through this site I can share my knowledge with the masses. Since then, I’ve been regularly uploading articles with some¬†awesome network-related (IP Address, Routers, etc.) technological and security advice which you can use to make your life easier.

Why You Should Trust This Site

There are many networking websites available on the internet but, most of them are bogus and contain false/outdated information. On the other hand, I update my article as soon as new information is found!

There is nothing for me to gain from this but, knowing that numerous people who visit my website are grateful to me for the advice is quite relieving!

Please share your thoughts about my writing skills in the comment section which you will see at the end of every page.

If you have questions, do not hesitate to contact me. I will be glad to help you.