10 Best Gaming Routers (2022) to Boost Your Game Performance

As an online gamer, internet speed is everything. We use the internet to download game updates, join online gaming matches, and rely on its stability when it matters the most. But all of this is not possible if we do not have the best router in the market to date.

best router for gaming

And if you are a gamer, you will not settle for just a simple router. You will go to the best one that your budget can afford. But which one? In this article, we will help you choose from the list of the best gaming routers in the market to date.

When it comes to routers, which one can deliver the best quality of service right down to the millisecond? There are quite a lot of options available in the market. Hence, often the buyers get confused before picking up a gaming router. But we will make it easy for you.

To help you out, we have handpicked the 10 best gaming routers for you. We also included some of the top features along with the pros and cons. This is to make sure that you get what you want and need when the loading stops and the game begins.

NETGEAR Nighthawk AC1900 Dual Band Wi-Fi Router Review

The NETGEAR Nighthawk AC1900 Dual-Band Wi-Fi Router comes with a beautiful design. And it is one of the best gaming routers that you can find on a tight budget.

The router comes with four LAN ports and one WAN port. Also, you are getting one USB 2.0 and a USB 3.0 port. Under the hood, the router has a 1GHz Dual Core Processor and AC1900 Wi-Fi with 1900 Mbps of speed.

Furthermore, the router comes with features like content-based parental control. It also has a smartphone application and free backup software. You can also control the router using voice commands. However, for this to work, you will need Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.

Features and Benefits

  • It comes with a Dynamic QoS that prioritizes bandwidth application which offers the best gaming and streaming experience.
  • The router comes with Beamforming+ which improves range & performance.
  • It comes with high powered amplifiers & antennas that help in expanding Wi-Fi coverage.
  • Has a great internet speed
  • Support of voice commands
  • Smart Parental Control Feature
  • Can deliver consistent internet speed
  • Lacks an inbuilt ADSL modem
  • The router software is not that great

ASUS AC3100 Wi-Fi Dual-band Gigabit Wireless Router Review

The ASUS AC3100 router is made with the 1024-QAM technology. This helps the router to achieve 80% faster 5 GHz at up to 2100 Mbps and 66% faster 2.4 GHz at up to 1000 Mbps internet speed.

Hardware-wise, the router sports a 1.4 GHz dual-core processor. Also, the maximum download and upload of the router are at 1.8 Gbps.

The router has 8 gigabits of Ethernet ports, one USB 2.0, one 3.0 port, and a WAN port. It has an area coverage of up to 5000 square feet.

The router also comes with privacy features like automatic vulnerability detection, malicious site blocking, parental controls, AiProtection and a few more others.

Features and Benefits

  • It comes with 1024-QAM technology which offers 80% faster internet speed on 5 GHz and 66% faster speed on 2.4 GHz
  • It comes with extensive connectivity options
  • The router has a 1.4 GHz dual-core processor which offers faster USB data transfers
  • It comes with Smart Connect feature
  • Privacy Features
  • Great internet speed
  • The router comes with quite a lot of privacy and security settings
  • It has a great web and mobile app user interface
  • You will need a MIMO compatible network adapter
  • The price is a bit higher when compared to other options in the market

TP-Link Archer AC1750 Smart Wi-Fi Router Review

The TP-Link Archer AC1750 Smart Wi-Fi Router is a solution if you are looking for a router on a tight budget. Talking about the router. It is a dual-band router that is capable of delivering bandwidth of 1.7Gbps.

The router comes with 2 USB 2.0 ports and 4 Gigabit Ethernet ports. Also, there is one WAN port located on the backside. Unfortunately, there is no USB 3.0 port. But if you are just in it for the QOS performance, then this one delivers more than enough.

Furthermore, the router comes with three 5dBi antennas. The antennas are detachable. The router also allows you to connect your USB drive to the router and share files wirelessly. Also, you are getting a TP-Link Tether app which will help you to set up the network remotely.

Features and Benefits

  • The router comes with USB Access feature
  • It works with all Wi-Fi devices, AC and older
  • There is a TP-Link Tether app for setting up the network and handling it remotely
  • You can share USB drive files wirelessly
  • Offers a bandwidth of 1.7Gbps
  • Decent poor build quality
  • The app works okay, not best

ASUS AC1750 Wireless Dual Band Router Review

The ASUS AC1750 Wireless Dual Band Router comes with a 5th generation 802.11ac chipset which delivers you a bandwidth of 1.75Gbps.

Also, the Router comes with ASUS AiCloud service which gives you unlimited storage expansion. There is also the AiRadar feature which optimizes wireless coverage with detachable antennas.

The router sports 4 gigabit of LAN ports and comes with 3 antennas. Also, there is one USB 2.0 and one USB 3.0 port included with the router.

The router is said to offer a speed of 1300Mbps on 5GHz band. Also, it has different features such as parental controls, keyword blocking, URL blocking, and a few others.

Features and Benefits

  • 5th generation 802.11ac chipset
  • Asus AiCloud service
  • Gigabit Ethernet ports for the fastest internet performance
  • AiRadar feature that optimizes wireless coverage
  • ASUSWRT dashboard UI for 3 steps easy setup
  • Detachable antennas
  • Keyword blocking and URL blocking
  • The 5Ghz can deliver a bit slower than the competition
  • It has only 4 LAN ports

Linksys Max-Stream AC4000 MU-MIMO Wi-Fi Tri-Band Router Review

The Linksys Max-Stream AC4000 MU-MIMO Wi-Fi Tri-Band Router is an intelligent Tri-Band router. It comes with a 1.8GHz Quad-Core CPU and 3 offload processors. This helps in getting a faster Wi-Fi performance. Also, the Wi-Fi bands have up to 4 Gbps.

The router also includes features like AC Wi-Fi, MU-MIMO, Airtime Fairness, and Smart Connect. Also, there are 9 high power amplifiers that help in extending the coverage for both 2.4GHz & 5GHz.

There are 4 antennas that expand the Wi-Fi range also the router auto-updates its firmware. So you keep getting new features. In the end, the router works with Amazon Alexa and comes with 5-gigabit ports.

Features and Benefits

  • It comes with a 1.8GHz Quad-Core CPU and 3 offload processors.
  • The router has features like Next-Gen AC Wi-Fi + MU-MIMO + Airtime fairness.
  • 9 high power amplifiers extend and maximize the performance of the router.
  • 6 active antennas help in expanding the Wi-Fi range.
  • Works with Alexa
  • Great performance
  • Awesome Built Quality
  • The price is a bit higher.
  • Not so many LAN ports.

ASUS RT-N66U Dual-Band Wireless-N900 Gigabit Router Review

The ASUS RT-N66U Dual-Band Wireless-N900 Gigabit Router comes with a solid signal and strength and offers a connection speed of 900Mbps.

Furthermore, the router has a built-in Wi-Fi amplifier which increases the network range. Also, it is quite easy to set up the router and comes with the ASUSWRT feature.

Another great thing about the router is that it comes with three detachable Wi-Fi antennas. These antennas are capable of offering a stronger signal at a wider range. Plus, it has the ASUS AiRadar functions that enable the amplification and beamforming feature. With great wireless speeds.

The Gigabit Ethernet ports are IPV6 enabled. Also, there are two USB 2.O ports.

Features and Benefits

  • 4 GHz and 5 GHz concurrent dual-band transmissions for strong signal strength.
  • Detachable High-Powered Antennas
  • File Sharing, Printer Sharing, and 3G Sharing via 2 multi-functional built-in USB ports.
  • ASUSWRT Dashboard UI for easy setup, signal monitoring, and network application control.
  • Great internet speed
  • Detachable Antennas
  • ASUS Ai Radar function
  • No USB 3.O port
  • The mobile application is buggy

Linksys WRT AC1900 Dual-Band+ Wi-Fi Wireless Router Review

The Linksys WRT AC1900 is also one of the best gaming routers. The router comes with 4 high-performance antennas that offer maximum coverage and reliability. Also, there is a beamforming technology that allows the router to deliver a solid strength to some specific devices.

When it comes to hardware, the router sports 1.2 GHz Dual-core ARM CPU and comes with 4 Gigabit Ethernet ports. The router also comes with one USB 3.0 port and two USB 2.0 ports for easy file transfer.

Features and Benefits

  • It comes with 4 High-performance Antennas for Maximum Coverage & Reliability.
  • Offers 2.4 GHz & 5 GHz Simultaneous Dual Wireless Bands for A Strong Wi-Fi network.
  • It has the beamforming technology.
  • 2 GHz Dual-core Arm Cpu
  • Wireless Repeater Mode and Wireless Bridge Mode for a powerful Wi-Fi network.
  • The Linksys Smart Wi-Fi App works really great.
  • Awesome build quality.
  • No ADSL modem support.
  • Lacks a WAN port.

ASUS AC5300 Wi-Fi Tri-band Gigabit Wireless Router Review

The ASUS AC5300 is one of the best gaming routers for a price. Yes, this one is only good if you can spare some budget. The router comes with Tri-band i.e. dual 5 GHz and single 2.4 GHz. Also, it is equipped with the latest 802.11ac 4×4 technology.

The router also comes with built-in access to WTFast Gamers Private Network or GPN. This feature optimizes the servers and offers low and stable ping time.

There is also the AiProtection feature that offers vulnerability detection when connected online. The ASUS Smart Connect feature offers consistent bandwidth.

Features and Benefits

  • Tri-band (dual 5 GHz, single 2.4 GHz) with the latest 802.11ac 4×4 technology.
  • MU-MIMO technology.
  • Supports every operating system, including Windows, Mac OS, and Linux
  • Built-in access to WTFast Gamers Private Network (GPN).
  • AiProtection Powered by Trend Micro.
  • ASUS Smart Connect feature.
  • It offers access to WTFast Gamers Private Network.
  • Tri-Band technology.
  • Only 4x Gigabit LAN ports.
  • Average user interface.

D-Link AC3200 Ultra Tri-Band Wi-Fi Router Review

Behold, we have another tri-band router which is the D-Link AC3200 Ultra Tri-Band Wi-Fi Router. The router offers an impressive Wi-Fi performance. The router’s speed is 600 Mbps in 2.4GHz and 2 x 1300 Mbps in 5GHz.

Furthermore, the router is capable of 4K video streaming and online gaming simultaneously. It comes with 3×3 data streams and 6 high-performance antennas.

For hardware spec, there is a 1GHz Dual Core processor and comes with the Advanced SmartConnect feature. This helps in maximizing the Wi-Fi performance and covers a larger area.

Also, the router has an intelligent QoS traffic optimization which delivers great performance when gaming is at its crucial. In the end, it has a few advanced security features that encrypt your home network.

Features and Benefits

  • It comes with ultimate Wi-Fi performance with AC3200 Tri-Band speed.
  • The router comes with 3 x 3 data streams and 6 antennas.
  • 1GHz Dual Core processor.
  • Advanced SmartConnect feature.
  • Advanced AC SmartBeam feature.
  • Intelligent QoS traffic optimization features.
  • Advanced security features.
  • 6 high-performance antennas
  • High-performance tri-band router
  • Great for 4k video streaming
  • The antennas are not detachable
  • Quite an old model

ASRock G10 AC2600 Gigabit Gaming Router Review

At last, we have one of the best gaming routers that can deliver the extra boost. The ASRock G10 AC2600 Gigabit Gaming router rocks your gaming experience.

The router comes with the world’s fastest 4T4R 802.11ac chipset, and it offers 1733Mbps in 5Ghz. And the speed of 800Mbp on 2.4Ghz. The router also comes with beamforming technology and offers multi-user MIMO Gaming Boost.

Furthermore, the router has 8 Antennas which deliver wireless network in the 360-degree direction.

Features and Benefits

  • It comes with the 4T4R 802.11ac chipset
  • The router has Beamforming Technology and Multi-User MIMO Gaming Boost
  • 8 Antennas that deliver wireless signals in the 360-degree direction
  • Gaming Boost
  • World’s Fastest 4T4R 802.11ac chipset
  • Not a tri-band router
  • The price is quite high

Well, those were the 10 best gaming routers and their top features. Now we do understand that you are pretty confused about which router is to pick. As there are quite a lot of options available and each of them offering different features.

However, just to help you out, we have also written a buyer’s guide that you can use as guidelines. Just go ahead and read on, and at the end of the article. You will have enough idea about which gaming router to choose.

Best Gaming Routers Buyer’s Guide

Well, there are a number of things that you should keep in mind when buying your next gaming router. Wireless routers come with different speeds, and different Wi-Fi supports. Also, some of the routers come with dual-band, and some of them have tri-band. So let’s just explain everything to you one by one.

Wireless Signal Type

Starting with the standard wireless signals. Well, there are quite a lot of wireless signals that exist. Such as:
  • 802.11a
  • 802.11b
  • 802.11g
  • 802.11n
  • 802.11ac
Now if you are wondering what these alphabets are. Then let us mention that the higher the alphabet number is the better the strength of the wireless signal. This means the 802.11a has a low signal strength where the 802.11ac has the strongest signal strength. Even if it is the most recent wireless signal type.
Now it completely depends on how strong the wireless signal that you want. Is it the highest or you will be alright with any of the medium signal types? Once you have the answer, it is easy to pick up the best gaming routers that you can consider buying next.

USB Port

If you notice, then you would see that there are routers which come with a USB port. Now the question is what actually these USB ports do?
Well, the USB port helps in sharing files using a NAS between two devices over a wireless connection. Also, it can help you to connect devices like printers.
Now it depends on you if you want to connect a NAS and share files wirelessly. Then having the USB ports would benefit you. However, USB ports do not help in increasing the Wi-Fi router speed at all. They are just peripherals that add features to your rig.


If you have checked the above mentioned best gaming routers, then you probably came across to the MIMO word. So what does it actually do?

Well, MIMO stands for Multiple In Multiple Out. It is the latest technology that the wireless routers have nowadays.  It helps in fast data transfer and offers a wide range of wireless coverage. MIMO is obviously a handy feature that can enhance your experience with online gaming.

Dual-Band or Tri-Band?

Another question is should you go for dual-band or tri-band router. You should notice, that we have only mentioned a few routers which come with tri-band. And most of the routers have dual-bands. So what is the difference?

Well, the difference between both of these is speed. Also if you ask us what is better, we would say it depends on you. If your internet speed is about 1300Mbps, then tri-band is all you need. But if your internet speed is below 1300Mbps then the dual-band would work equally great for you.

How do you choose your next gaming router?

Well, there are a few points that you should keep in mind.

  • Make sure the router has a range coverage similar to the square feet of your house or your lot. You would want to stay connected wherever you want inside the house.
  • Look for a router that best suits your internet speed capacity. Below 1300Mbps for dual-band and above 1300Mbps for tri-band.
  • The router should have a signal strength of 802.11n or higher versions.
  • The router should have USB functionality if you plan to use it. If not, there is no need to hassle yourself about those ports.
  • Make sure the gaming router has 3 antennas or more to deliver you better network coverage.

Simply follow the list of required things, and you will get the best gaming routers for yourself. However, we have already mentioned the best gaming routers above. So you can go for any of the routers. These are all a list of some good wireless connections for your gaming experience to play games without lagging. The gaming traffic is huge and stable networks are needed. Keeping in mind on network priority, good network performance , good latency, good network security and network congestion. So that mobile devices , smart devices or other single device can enjoy advanced features with incredible speeds. Anyway, if you have any questions to ask, do comment below. Moreover, we recommend you checking some of our other resources.

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